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Ontario Canada... Where big ideas hold the promise of clean water for everyone

Ontario Canada... Where big ideas hold the promise of clean water for everyone 

The global demand for innovative clean water solutions is growing. Companies looking to capitalize on this opportunity are choosing to do business in Ontario, Canada. Ontario has the R&D capacity, talent and government programs you need to develop and commercialize new products and services for the North American and global marketplace.

AzTech Associates

AzTech Associates: Helping smart grid customers become smart energy managers

Kingston-based Aztech Associates specializes in behind-the-meter applications that enable consumers to easily manage their energy usage and, if they have solar or wind installations, to monitor the amount and value of the green energy being generated.

Survalent Technology

Survalent Technology: Innovative automation solutions helping smart grid developers worldwide

Survalent Technology is a leading provider of real-time smart grid management for electric power utilities worldwide.