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Ontario's Clean Water Industry - Creating Opportunities for Water Solutions

The world needs clean water - and lots more of it.

As the global demand for clean water grows, system operators and environmental managers are looking for sustainable solutions – and they're finding them in Ontario, Canada.

With 900 Ontario companies and 22,000 employees providing clean water solutions at home and around the world, we have the expertise and leading-edge technologies to help you meet your water challenges - whatever they may be.

Ontario companies have established global reputations in several areas:

  • disinfection technologies (ultra-violet radiation, chlorination, ozonation)
  • physical and chemical treatment (membrane technology for filtration, sedimentation, oxidation and precipitation)
  • biological treatment and biosolids management systems for liquid and sludge treatment
  • specialized pumps, gates and valves
  • energy and waste recovery/reuse systems
  • control, testing and measurement systems
Ontario: A Water Power


If you're looking for clean water solutions, there's no better place to start than Ontario.

Top Five Reasons To Choose Ontario suppliers

  • World leaders in clean water technologies.

    Two of the world's leading water and wastewater treatment technologies (UV purification and membrane) were developed in Ontario, Canada. Other Ontario companies are leaders in detecting leaks in underground water mains, extracting value from industrial wastewater, monitoring water quality in real-time, and several other key fields. Their success is why Ontario has become one of the world's largest exporters of water/wastewater products and services.

  • Research and innovation to create better solutions.

    Breakthrough technology innovations over the past 25 years have made clean water possible in some of the world's toughest industrial and urban environments. Ontario researchers were leaders in developing many of those innovations. And as new water issues emerge and water quality standards rise, they are perfecting the next generation of innovative solutions.

  • A reputation for exceptional quality.

    Ontario companies have been helping people around the world solve their clean water challenges for more than 25 years. From large-scale water infrastructure engineering projects to high-performance membrane filtration technologies, their solutions meet the most rigorous quality standards.

  • Well-trained water professionals.

    Helping people find the right clean water solution calls for expertise in science, engineering and a host of other technical fields, along with a commitment to delivering solutions on-time and on-budget.

    Organizations around the world have found that they can rely on the highly trained water professionals from Ontario companies. Many of them have more than one post-secondary degree, in environmental sciences, engineering or international business.

  • Business in any language.

    Ontario has one of the most diverse societies in the world. More than100 languages are spoken in the province. That means we are able to talk with your staff, in virtually any country, and help them smoothly integrate water solutions into legacy systems.

Additional Resources

The National Water Research Institute, Burlington, is the largest freshwater science organization in Canada.

The Canadian Water Network, Waterloo, connects Canadian and international water researchers with decision-makers engaged in water management issues.

The Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) - Government, private sector business and universities in Ontario have formed the Southern Ontario Water Consortium (SOWC) to develop, test and demonstrate new water technologies for the local, national and global marketplace. Five municipalities, eight universities, and more than 70 companies, including IBM Canada who has committed specialized equipment and technology, are supporting the initiative.

The United Nations University - Institute for Water, Environment and Health, Hamilton, the UN's think-tank on water.

The Water Institute, University of Waterloo.

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Clean Water Technologies from Ontario Brochure

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