An all-Canadian Recovery

The Ontario Government in partnership with Canadian provinces and territories is proud to host the inaugural True North Free Trade Forum where over 100 companies and 150 attendees will exchange ideas and explore new business opportunities.

Aimed at strengthening business ties across Canada to support economic recovery, the True North Free Trade Forum will look at the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID-19, as well as how increasing pan-Canadian trade could add up to $84 billion to Canada’s GDP.

The 2021 Forum will bring together businesses in the Energy, Life Sciences and Healthcare, and Food and Beverage sectors across the country. Topics such as technology, supply chain, logistics and transportation will also be featured.

The Forum will include:

  • Two days of live stream and webinar content focused on interprovincial/territorial trade and current, local market conditions
  • Sessions that highlight latest industry trends, business insights and opportunities from targeted regional markets across Canada
  • 1-on-1 networking that will foster connections amongst Canadian companies and stakeholders for potential partnership and collaboration opportunities
Free and productive internal trade has been part of the Canadian dream since 1866. Canada will need every bit of economic growth it can muster after the pandemic has passed, and The True North Free Trade Forum is a timely opportunity to help make that dream a reality.

Stephen Poloz
Former Bank of Canada Governor
Keynote Speaker, March 23

Participating Large Companies

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