Best Theratronics Ltd. is a Canadian component of TeamBest. Formerly part of MDS Nordion, Best Theratronics became a member of the Best family in March 2008. Best Theratronics manufactures external beam therapy units and self-contained blood irradiators and Cyclotrons. Best Theratronics manufactures two distinct product lines – self-contained and external beam teletherapy machines. There are several models of self-contained irradiators, each used for different applications and available in a variety of source configurations based on product throughput requirements. These include the Gammacell® 1000 & 3000, Gammacell® 40, Gammabeam™ X200 and Raycell® devices. Best Cyclotrons are manufactured and tested at Best Theratronics in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. TeamBest is currently focused on five different energy cyclotrons: the 15, 25, 30, 35 and 70 MeV negative hydrogen ion accelerators.

Ideal buyers in India are private hospitals in addition to central and state government hospitals.

Best Theratronics Ltd.



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