Holy Land Traditional Medications Inc. (HLTM) products are marketed under the name “Dr. J.’s Formulas”. All HLTM Inc. formulas are licensed by Health Canada (HC). At this stage, HC granted HLTM the marketing authorization for 114 products which are classified as natural and non-prescription health products.

HLTM Inc. is characterized by its unique fertility and sexual enhancement products for men and women. Our products’ efficacy, safety and quality are guaranteed, because we are fully fulfilling HC regulations.

“Dr. J. Formulas” are in line with the Islamic law (free of pork substances). We can provide foreign importers with a “Certificate of Free Sale”.

Holy Land Traditional Medications Inc.



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Date: March 28 - March 30, 2019

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Vitaly Paroshyn
International Market Consultant
Eastern Europe and Middle East