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Julio Villafuerte, Corporate Technology Strategist

CenterLine’s Supersonic Spray Technologies Division (SST™) supplies practical Cold Spray equipment, automation, and services to the aerospace, defense, automotive and other industries. CenterLine’s SST designs and manufactures proprietary low pressure downstream-injection cold spray equipment and supplies. SST practical Cold Spray process is used for metal repair, restoration, refinishing, re-manufacturing, additive manufacturing, and manufacturing of novel products. SST continuously performs process development to identify commercially viable applications for Cold Spray technology.


  • CenterLine-SST wants to reinforce their brand name in Europe within the Aerospace Industry. Our relationship in this industry has been strong for many years and this will provide CenterLine SST with a platform to showcase our products by participating in a European trade-show.



Rita Patlan
International Market Consultant
USA: Clean Technology, Environment and Renewables
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