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Peter Dimopoulos, Vice President, Business Development

FTG is a global corporation offering design, development and manufacturing solutions for aerospace and defense electronic products and subsystems.

With its technological insight, FTG offers innovative engineered solutions, diverse manufacturing capabilities and product life-cycle support through its facilities in the United States, Canada and China.

FTG Circuits is a manufacturer of high-technology, high-reliability printed circuit boards for HDI, RF, thermal management, rigid flex and flex applications.

FTG Aerospace designs and manufactures high-reliability, illuminated switch panels, keyboards, MCDU’s, bezels, box-level assemblies (LRUs) and simulation products.


  • Customer/supplier awareness building and brand recognition
  • Networking with other industry professionals and lead generation


Rita Patlan
International Market Consultant
USA: Clean Technology, Environment and Renewables
Tel: +1 416 325-9210