CSL Silicones Inc. are a globally recognized leader in scientific and applied research of silicone chemistries for the past 35 years. Its manufacturing capabilities reside in Canada, supported with numerous world-leading Global Patents, Trademarks, Design Marks and Word Marks. It remains the dominant global leader in Silicone Elastomer Coatings for the High Voltage Insulators, Power Generation and Electrical Transmission and Distribution markets. Its extended silicone and silyl-terminated product offerings for the Infrastructure and Construction Industries include but is not limited to: Building Envelope Coating Solutions, Roofing Systems, Sealants and Adhesives which are used in applications as diverse as: Concrete Joint and Highway Sealant Systems, Air Barrier and Water Resistive Coatings, UV Resistant Coatings, Anti-Graffiti and Anti Corrosion Coatings. This Canadian based company seeks out Clients with significant engineered materials challenges, including the most difficult of application opportunities which are often dismissed by others.

CSL Silicones Inc.



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Date: October 26 - November 2, 2019

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Claudia Penalosa
Senior International Market Consultant
Central and South America and the Caribbean