The Hyperion IOT sensor introduces a new approach to gathering data from deep within large high voltage assets providing a detailed map of the inside of the device. This intimate view allows for the detailed monitoring of the insulation in real time – thus allowing for optimized operation and precise life cycle data. Hyperion solutions have been deployed in several key areas in the substation, including a power transformer, underground cable. and, in the near future, in an air core (shunt type) reactor. This gives the utility the ability, for the first time, to monitor the complete active component in a comprehensive manner, in real time. Customers include Ameren, Elexicon, Alectra and pilot projects at AEP, Kansas City Power & Light and others are being rolled out in 2020.

Hyperion Sensors



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Date: January 28 - 30, 2020

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Marek Karwowski
International Market Consultant
South America


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