Humdinner, is a drive-thru technology company focused on the Quick-Serve Restaurant (QSR), Fast-Casual Restaurant (FSR) and retail industries and the world’s first “No-Touch” multi-lane drive-thru system.

Sold as a suite of solutions, customers can now safely place and pick up their orders at QSR’s, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retail locations without coming into physical contact with anyone or any shared surfaces.

Humdinner utilizes patent-pending technology that enables customers to make and complete transactions without touching any common surfaces and pick up their orders without coming into physical contact or close proximity to any person.

Humdinner drive-thru systems are designed to deliver up to 500 lbs. of products, making it a viable solution for retail.

An optional bacteria and virus-killing UV-light to sanitize the surface that delivers products to the customers is available. This ensures that customers and employees will not come in contact with a surface that could be touched accidentally.

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Date: June 23 - 25, 2020

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Mauricio Ospina
Area Director
USA: Information and Communications Technology and Automotive


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