Founded in 2005, Signifi's Solutions, Inc. is recognized as a leader in delivering smart vending, self-serve kiosks, and automated retail solutions on a global scale that are brought to life through integrated hardware, software, and engineering innovation. We enable our customers to drive business value and efficiency, deploy differentiated experiences, and disrupt entry markets' high barriers.

Our pioneering robotic dispensing products and services allow businesses to overcome the complexity of development and deployment through our unique ability to integrate thoughtful engineering and software innovation. Our cloud-based software platform securely manages merchandise, assets, provides visibility to demand forecasting, reporting and analytics -- all while proactively monitoring the status of an unattended dispensing system. We proudly design, engineer, and develop dynamic solutions under one roof, from customized concepts to white glove delivery.

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Date: December 6 - 10, 2020

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Eyad Qudsi
Area Director
Middle East and Africa


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