Docsie is an all-in-one, web-based documentation platform that enables businesses to build, maintain and publish excellent product documentation in multiple languages. The platform also helps companies analyze how their customers interact with their documentation and provides insights on how to improve their documents.

Likalo Limited would like to meet prospective customers, such as a B2B software company with one or more software products.

Likalo has sold directly to the telecom industry and we can help telecom companies reduce the time to develop their user guides, FAQs for customers and customer care guides. Additionally, Likalo would like to meet potential distributors and partners willing to co-develop technology and integrate it into their offering.

Likalo wants to sell products/services to new customers; seek a representatives, distributors or trade partners, identify investment partners, develop research collaborations; identify partners for joint ventures or technology licensing and transfer and meet existing representatives and customers.

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Date: December 7 - 12, 2020

Event contact

Fawzia Sheikh
Senior International Market Consultant


13 in total