Established in 2013, MALLEUM is a Canadian corporation focused on highly technical, offensive cybersecurity. MALLEUM experts are authors of globally adopted security tools and regularly present proprietary research projects on the world stage including at Black Hat and DEF CON. We are authorized by the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate to work on classified projects for key government departments and the military command.

MALLEUM experts advance cyber resilience at key global organizations across sectors. We are the trusted by the world’s top air navigation service providers to secure air traffic control systems. We identify critical security flaws in the world’s #1 best-selling core banking software and established the cybersecurity framework, policies and standards to secure a strategically important financial corporation that safeguards over $800 billion in deposits. The top 10 hydroelectric power station operators in the world have enlisted our services to ensure their critical infrastructure is secure and compliant. We secure development and operations on cloud platforms at premier medical insurers, with a multi-billion-dollar investment portfolios.

MALLEUM offers 10 core services in 4 service streams:

  • Adversarial Emulation: Penetration Test, Application Assessment and MALLEUM 365
  • Governance risk and compliance: MALLEUM resilience program, compliance assessment and threat and risk assessment
  • Advisory: MALLEUM CISO and training program
  • Cloud Security: MALLEUM DevOps and Secure Cloud Transformation



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Date: December 7 - 12, 2020

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Fawzia Sheikh
Senior International Market Consultant


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