Mobile Communications or “SmoothTalker” is a Canadian manufacturer (founded in 2001) of some of the most advanced and functional 4G LTE cellular signal boosters in the market for vehicle, building and M2M applications. SmoothTalker’s solutions get cellular devices connected in the most remote areas, reduce dropped calls, increase data speeds, conserve battery life and our grab and go kits are easy to install. The cellular signal booster market is rapidly expanding year over year with new consumers entering the market plus the growing demands of Mobile, M2M and In-Building connectivity.

Cellular connectivity of all devices is something all consumers and businesses face. Everyone is competing for the best signal and SmoothTalker boosters will provide the best cellular connection possible in the market today. SmoothTalker provides consumers kitted solutions but can also customize any of our solutions to match any B2B need, application and installation for the below product categories:

  • Home
  • Large Buildings (Free System Design for projects up to 300k square feet)
  • Vehicle (wireless or with a cradle)
  • M2M – cellular modems or any cellular module (security systems)
  • Marine

Below are some of the features of our solutions that separate us from the competition:

  • We have the output power to get you connected in more remote areas.
  • Greater RX (receive) sensitivity to pick up the weakest signal where other boosters will not work.
  • StealthTech proprietary algorithms provide unsurpassed oscillation and power control to ensure our signal boosters protect the network and always provide maximum connectivity to the cellular device.
  • Durable aircraft all aluminum construction.
  • SmoothTalker manufactured the first FCC & IC approved digital mobile booster in North America in 2001.
  • Made in Canada.
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Date: December 7 - 12, 2020

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