In the 21st century, reliable data is a precious commodity. Critical information systems can only function with uncorrupted data flows. While encryption can preserve the confidentiality of data, there is no reliable system that assures the integrity and availability of transmitted information. These systems can be impacted by adverse environments (jamming and electromagnetic interference, as well as adversarial hacking attacks).

Virgil Systems assures data communications integrity in adverse and adversarial environments. Its unique approach combines quantum-inspired techniques and distributed ledger technology. It offers a lightweight middleware solution that seamlessly integrates into any device (mobile, desktop, server, IoT), public and private networks, and existing workflows.

Virgil Systems is seeking to meet telecom companies and government agencies. Virgil Systems wants to sell products/services to new customers, gather market research/competitor research and meet with government, regulatory and/or industry associations.

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Date: December 7 - 12, 2020

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Fawzia Sheikh
Senior International Market Consultant


13 in total