Peak Power develops AI-powered software to enable intelligent energy in smart cities. We do so by optimizing synthetic, stationary, and mobile batteries to act as a grid resource. This unlocks new revenue streams for our clients (REITS, developers, industries, utilities) and reduces their emissions.

  • Building Optimization (Insight) - Enables smart buildings through IoT. This is done by optimizing energy consumption and connecting the building to electricity markets to act as a resource, as if it were a synthetic battery. Insight reduces energy costs while enabling building owners to easily integrate resources like batteries and EV charging stations while unlocking additional grid revenue streams.
  • Energy Storage - Our energy storage solutions optimize and automate the operation of grid-connected stationary batteries by forecasting the behaviour of the grid, and automatically dispatching the resource to maximize new revenue streams for commercial and industrial energy users. Peak can either provide the software only or can also bring third-party financing to provide a no-up front cost to customers.
  • Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) - Applies our forecasting, analytics, and optimization to EV chargers to both intelligently manage charging and unlock revenue streams by optimizing bi-directional charger dispatch during peak demand hours. This leverages our software to demonstrate the potential of EV’s to act as mobile batteries that can provide grid services when not being driven.

Objectives during the Virtual Smart Cities Trade Mission to Europe:  
Connect with:

  • Real-Estate Customers (REITS, Asset Managers, etc.). Our entry point can be a sustainability/energy director, though ideally through introductions to the C-Suite or to the leadership team, or through partnerships. 
  • C&I facilities across production verticals. We’ve been introduced to these customers through energy stakeholders, such as power producers. In the future, we aim to be introduced to more C&I customers through our strategic investor network. 
  • Independent Power Producers that invest in energy storage projects, and seek software solutions to optimize their investment. 
  • We seek to expand our network of electric utilities across Europe.
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Date: November 9 - 20, 2020

Event contact

Rita Patlan
Area Director
Europe: Aerospace and Defence, Environmental Technologies and Infrastructure


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