We are an established transportation engineering firm dedicated to making cities smarter by improving efficient mobility and safe access for all users of urban and rural roadways, including private and commercial vehicles, public transit, cyclists, and pedestrians. We are a specialist operation: small, niched and mighty, wholly Canadian owned, established in 2009. AssetCity is toolkit that we’ve developed for municipal and regional governments for safety and risk management. It is a knowledge-driven collection of customized modules that integrates all aspects of road asset infrastructure management: inventory, compliance, maintenance, replacement, acquisition and future projections. We also provide specialized services including traffic studies, transportation safety studies, noise and vibration studies, and air quality, based on expertise serving more than 400 clients. 'You can count on us for efficient and accurate traffic studies, planning for thoughtful urban movement, and in house-AI technology developments. AssetCity is Trans-Plan’s SaaS-based solution for road asset planning and maintenance. This solution was developed in direct consultation and collaboration with a local municipality, assuring it provides the best workability for municipal practices. AssetCity enables a municipality to optimize the management of road assets in one simple, integrated system by increasing the means of communication, data management capabilities, and overall visibility of asset planning and maintenance efforts. All this is provided to the municipal client in a logical, practical and easy-to-use framework. It provides field workers and supervisory staff to communicate instantly through the life cycle of an asset. Smart cities will increasingly rely on digitized knowledge to assure that smart and connected vehicles travel safely for all other road and sidewalk users. AssetCity provides the digital infrastructure that makes safety happen.

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Date: November 9 - 20, 2020

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Rita Patlan
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Europe: Aerospace and Defence, Environmental Technologies and Infrastructure


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