City From Naught Inc. is a Toronto based studio working on 3D contents creation. Previous projects include 2D plan to 3D model auto generation and 3D educational software. The studio is now working in full speed on their first indie game Keyword. The studio wants to create something truly immersive, like a real detective, sitting down in front of his desk trying to unravel a mystery. There is no quest marker telling where you should look at next, yet there is always some intrigue, some pieces of information hidden in plain sight. The studio works hard to eliminate pixel hunting and arbitrary puzzles. We do this by incorporating as much real-life intuition as possible and players never need to try random combinations till it works unlike many old point and click adventure games.

Type of Business Contacts/Connections

  • We want to have interactions with players and get first hand feedback to improve our game. We have various difficulty levels for different players and meeting with them will give us an opportunity to better tailor the game.
  • We are seeking publishers and potential collaborations. The game has finished alpha build and ramping up on promotions and meet with publishers and see if they can provide marketing opportunities.
  • Would want to meet more Industry experts to exchange our experience and ask how they expanded and learnt from their own experience.

Keyword is a detective-thriller game about a private investigator searching for his missing daughter. They must use their observation and deduction skills, coupled with their tech-savviness, hacking around social media accounts and websites in order to unravel the threads surrounding the mystery of their missing daughter.

Primary Platform(s)
Steam on PC

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Date: November 12 - 13, 2020


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