Treasured Inc, is a Toronto based software company that is reimaging the future of storytelling. Treasured is currently the fastest way for users to curate an online 3D Exhibition. The founders of Treasured, have envisioned a new online path for museum and gallery curators to build, and seamlessly update online exhibitions across all web browsers and device sizes. Although online exhibitions will never replace physical spaces, Treasured, believes 3D Museums will bring an immersion to new audiences that has never been available until today. Treasured is providing a way for museum curators to manage their exhibit's online, via shareable with web links and public access to collections of 3D Exhibits.

Type of Business Contacts/Connections
Our objectives are to explore commercialization opportunities and connect with industry experts. We want to meet interested stakeholders and promote the interactive digital media space in Canada. We are seeking talented game experts to join our team or provide mentorship.

Recent Releases/In Development
The Treasured Platform provides a simple interface to collaborate on multi-media stories and display them through 3D Museums. Treasured has completed 3 Official Releases.

Primary Platform(s)
Web Based, Windows PC

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Date: November 12 - 13, 2020


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