Cleanbots - autonomous robots

CrossWing is a Canadian robotics company providing autonomous solutions. The Cleanbots™ use UVC LED light chips and the Cleanbot™ MIST containing FDA-approved liquid disinfectants which helps to rid surfaces of COVID-19 and other pathogens at levels of efficacy unachievable by other systems. Cleanbots™ provide meticulous floor-to-ceiling coverage facilitated by the integrated set of articulating disinfectant delivery panels built into the bottom and top of each robot.

The Bishop™ series of high-security robots actively monitor dangerous situations in public locations using secure payloads, a turret camera, and spinning defence rings to identify, deter and defend, providing real-time threat detection and analysis – while responding autonomously via pre-defined protocols or through remote operation by a designated person.

virtualME™ is the ultra-low-cost, assistive living video telepresence robot for seniors, the infirmed, and people of all ages isolated due to COVID-19, living alone in their home, residing in long term care facilities or as hospital patients.

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Date: January 11 - 14, 2021

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