Deep Trekker works closely with customers in industries ranging from aquaculture, nuclear, search and recovery and the military. Our customers in the nuclear industry include Exelon, EDF, GE, Westinghouse, Duke, Dominion and many others. Whatever the challenge, Deep Trekker has a submersible robot that can help. We also implement customizations for our customers’ more specialized tasks.

Product and Service Information

Our most useful equipment to the energy industry has been our underwater ROVs for inspection, FME retrievals and cleaning. Deep Trekker have magnetic robots that can crawl on vertical ferrous surfaces for inspection, non-destructive testing and cleaning of structures such as trash racks. Our submersible pipe crawling robots can be used in areas where humans and aerial drones cannot reach.

Our equipment is used in irradiated structures such as reactor vessels, condensate storage tanks (CST) and isophase bus ducts.

Unique Selling Features

All of our ROVs can be easily deployed by a sole operator. We have designed our controller to be similar to a handheld video game and intuitive to operate, even an untrained operator can be proficient in under an hour in most situations.

While many of our competitors' systems have bulky control systems or require topside power, our robots are all battery powered. Our revolution ROV can be equipped with a topside power option which enables safe use in reactor vessels.

Durability is really what sets us apart from our competitors. One reason for this is the magnetic coupling system that is used on our thrusters and wheels. The drive motors are encased in a magnet and then the thruster or wheels fasten over the magnets, which creates a watertight seal that will not wear down over time. There are not any components that are needed to be oiled or greased and no gas cartridges to replace, which are common weak points with our competitors’ ROVs and crawling robots. Our ROVs are also quite durable in high radiation areas and can be easily decontaminated. They’re also designed with foreign material exclusion in mind.

As compared to the price of having ROV service companies come in and perform inspections, or having dive teams do them, our ROVs are far more affordable in the short and long runs. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, Deep Trekker ROVs help mitigate or reduce the risk to divers’ lives.


  • Deep Trekker is seeking to assist South Korean companies save money and lives with our ROVs.
  • To expand our business relationships in South Korea and help our new Korea-based reseller partner(s) expand their business.
  • We anticipate our South Korean customers will want creative new ways to maximize the utility of the ROVs which we will assist to create new use case studies.
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