We build/manage a brandable mobile energy data platform for both utilities and property owners/managers. Screaming Power has 2 main solutions: Scream Utility and Scream Enterprise. Scream Utility is a customer engagement, e-data management and analysis platform for utilities. It provides automated customer issue management, meter/bill data delivery, conservation engagement and outage management, while reducing paper, operations and marketing costs. Scream Enterprise provides organizations that manage buildings: energy costs, reports on performance and presents KPIs in a user-friendly format, while utilizing leading research to ensure building analytics are accurate.

Our key target markets/customers

  • Scream Utility: Energy utilities (electricity, natural gas and water). Our customers are Canada and the Caribbean and have expanded our marketing efforts into the US, Asia and Middle East.
  • Scream Enterprise: Organizations that manage multiple buildings and are concerned with their energy footprint.

Product and Service Information

Scream Utility: We have created and manage a brandable mobile platform as a SaaS (energy data platform) that seamlessly supports electronic energy data management for utilities. Our utility-branded app revolutionizes customer engagement by removing data islands and providing secure 2-way communications to engage customers with relevant data to make informed energy decisions while reducing the utility’s operational costs. Its target customer is any utility (electricity, natural or water) and the platform supports any size utility from small to large.

Scream Enterprise is a mobile app, cloud, analytics platform that helps public and private energy consumers manage their energy footprint and reduce costs while properly managing your energy and building footprint. This app educes the effort in managing information from multiple utilities. It also Increases the accuracy and usefulness of your building energy data by integrating with other critical information (e.g., weather data or market data) to properly organize, socialize and share key data so management, operations and third parties can help in your goal to understand, manage, and reduce your energy consumption. Designed for multiple buildings, multiple users to help manage efforts to conserve and track energy efficiency to support continuous energy improvement programs. It is designed for cities, municipalities and other branches of government tasked with the oversight of energy usage, tracking, monitoring, and reporting on public buildings. The applications are also designed for senior management, property managers and others interested in oversight of energy consumption across a portfolio of buildings.

Unique Selling Features

Our solutions are “mobile first”, where the energy data platform (MaaS) sits along side the utility and enterprise IT infrastructure and can be implemented quickly without interfering with a utility’s/enterprise’s existing IT business processes and quickly implemented to support any conservation/cleantech initiative. Since its inception, Screaming Power has performed joint research with Canadian colleges and universities to develop standardized data tools that can cost effectively be used across utilities of any size (in any market, foreign or domestic) by leveraging machine learning that quickly adapts to adhoc data structure/standard changes (which is common in the energy industry). Most competitors’ customer engagement tools lock in the information and are mainly web-based but may still be viewable in a mobile, which limit their capabilities and end-user reach (e.g., Notifications), are difficult to upgrade and evolve, and do not use the newest mobile technologies.

Our platform uses AI/machine learning for energy management that adapts to many cases, such as green energy, EV charging, IoT, storage, etc. We provide strategies/tools for energy users (both residential and commercial) to make informed decisions for building energy conservation. Scream Enterprise provides organizations that manage many buildings, the tools to manage their energy footprint through utilizing our leading-edge research (leveraging our proprietary patent pending weather normalization and cognitive conservation algorithms using AI/machine learning) to ensure building analytics are accurate to support Smart City initiatives.


Establish working relationships through partnerships and direct sales (dependent on the market setting).

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