SNC-Lavalin provides leading nuclear technology products and full-service solutions globally. The company is the OEM for CANDU® nuclear power reactors. Following the acquisition of Atkins, a UK-based engineering consultancy and project management firm, SNC-Lavalin maintains a 3,000+ strong nuclear team consisting of engineering, procurement, construction and project management experts. SNC-Lavalin has unparalleled expertise in decommissioning and waste management for light water and CANDU® reactors, customized solutions for the full lifecycle of CANDU® and LWR plants and offers an integrated suite of services to plant operators and designers. SNC-Lavalin executes life extension projects and designs and delivers state-of-the art CANDU® reactors, capable of operating on many types of fuel including natural uranium, mixed oxide, recycled uranium and thorium.

Product and Service Information

Waste Management and Decommissioning:

We offer a full range of services for decommissioning and remediation, site management, management of spent nuclear fuel, transportation of nuclear material and environmental clean-up of legacy sites. With decades of experience developing and carrying out plans for decontamination and decommissioning of federal nuclear assets in the US, the UK and Canada, we thrive on the most complex cleanup challenges. Through Comprehensive Decommissioning International, our US-based Joint Venture company, we use our expertise and innovative tools such as digital twin modeling to ensure safe, rapid and economic decommissioning of shuttered commercial nuclear reactor sites.

Reactor Vendor Solutions:

Our experience as the steward of CANDU® technology, along with BWR/PWR reactor experience, qualifies us as a trusted partner to any reactor vendor. From SMRs to Advanced nuclear reactors, we are able to tailor solutions to any of our client’s needs. Having designed and licensed multiple reactors, all our solutions integrate industry best practices, new technologies and the latest safety standards.

Major Projects Delivery:

We have a proven delivery framework and a team of experienced individuals to successfully execute major projects under various delivery models and have a track record of delivering new build projects on time and on budget. We successfully deliver large-scale projects across the nuclear lifecycle such as life extensions, nuclear site management and waste management and decommissioning facilities.

Operations and Maintenance Services:

We understand what services are required and when they are needed to ensure each nuclear system in the plant fulfils its expected life and delivers effective long-term, low-carbon energy. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of each client and include best-in-class engineering, design, consulting, onsite services, and project management.

Site/Asset Management:

Through the management of cleanup heritage sites in the US and Canada along with the operation and revitalization of government and research laboratories, we have the talent and know-how in operations and transformation of complex nuclear sites.

Products and Technologies:

Investing in the latest products and technology enables us to deliver innovative solutions to maximize the value of nuclear assets around the world. We have a world class intellectual property portfolio featuring over 200 patents in the nuclear sector. Our products include tooling and inspection and digital services to execute class waste management, life extensions. We also supply water treatment processes and equipment, solid waste handling processes and equipment, chemical decontamination strategies as well as interim and final storage container options to achieve cost effective waste management.

Unique Selling Features

SNC-Lavalin is a global leader in engineering, procurement, construction and project mgmt. helping governments and main stakeholders achieve their green energy targets through creating, developing and applying green technologies within the nuclear industry. We have the experience, people, technology and vision to cover every facet of the nuclear lifecycle from engineering design to operation and life extension as well as waste mgmt., decommissioning and clean-up of radiologically contaminated sites. As the OEM and stewards of CANDU® technology, we have extensive experience working in South Korea having completed the Wolsong Nuclear Power Plant on budget and schedule then offering ongoing operations and maintenance services. We have the required experience and knowledge to successfully execute projects of various sizes and complexity in the Korean market in partnership with our Korean counterparts.

Furthermore, our team members have a proven track record in creating and utilizing novel technologies to digitalize complex nuclear projects with the aim of derisking project execution and reducing execution costs. Through the use of digital twins, machine learning and advanced robotics systems, we help our clients successfully and safely execute some of the most challenging problems across the nuclear life cycle from design, operations and maintenance to waste management and decommissioning.


  • Represent team Ontario through showcasing made in Ontario expertise and capabilities in nuclear and green technologies.
  • Build stronger relationships with our counterparts in South Korea.
  • Market our decommissioning technologies in South Korea.
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