Our Chronos software platform is purpose built to display the past-present-and-future in capital markets. Our flagship “Stock Tracker” displays future events right on a Stocks Price Chart (+AI). Our Commercial Lending and Retail Banking API’s also employs the same platform format to display a businesses future metrics (the future amounts and dates, for example a 10-year fixed loan are ‘known’). Our web-based platform can display any internet search result displayed onto our scientifically accurate calendar (even in VR). We enable the user to align any combination of search topics by time, to both identify trends, and remind the user of future events that is of interest to them. The ‘world-news’ section presents a global view, enabling the user to view the most influential news sources from any country, while displaying to the user the level of ‘bias’ contained in the information that they are viewing.

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Date: April 20 - 22, 2021


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