Inovex is a leading data technology solutions company that works with enterprise organizations, healthcare agencies and the government sector. Our cloud-native software platform, Canvass collects and aggregates data then integrates with existing software systems into our analytics engine, which is displayed through our Unified Intelligent Dashboards. How does this work? The microservices-driven architecture allows Canvass to pull hundreds of data sources obtained from APIs using the latest protocols for data interoperability. Amalgamated rich data sets allow for machine learning to help with proactive management, predictive forecasting and actionable insights. Our team brings data strategy and application development to the table for companies that can get ahead of their competition with a data-driven approach to solving operational issues. Through collaboration we can weave together software, data resources, and expertise to extract knowledge from data.

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Date: April 20 - 22, 2021


65 in total