Profile and the kama DEI Platform. Simply put,’s patented Designed Emotional Intelligence® platform puts the human touch into conversational automation and AI interactions. The kama DEI system uses natural language understanding to learn, recognize, and respond to customers based on their own personalities. Accounting for a customer’s values, desires, and situations, kama DEI engenders trust, minimizes bias, and creates experiences that evolve with each interaction. It does all of this, 24 x 7, behind the scenes, helping your brand better connect with your customers. The kama DEI platform is a zero-code solution that can be used by marketers to create multi-channel, automated conversations for your brand. It requires no big-data or machine learning skills or resources, and can be configured in days and not weeks or months. (Kamazooie Development Corporation) logo



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Date: April 20 - 22, 2021


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