We have elaborated interactive Multidimensional Analytical Server (iMAS) software platform that facilitates the development of AI solutions capable of gathering different types of data from heterogeneous sources and transform it into intelligent conclusions and proceedings.

iMAS innovativeness and uniqueness is in: Capability to invoke logic of any complexity and process any object types by user’s rules limiting only by Java capacity; Capability to carry simultaneously numbers and texts in data cells; Build-in mechanisms of increasing data processing parallelism; Build-in interactive mechanisms of results invalidation and re-calculation following the underlying data changes; Unlimited system growth by adding dynamically data processing flows.

iMAS platform allows developers to focus on data and logic architecture using its pre-built functionality to create AI applications faster and reliably. Built on our platform we are offering predictive analytics and insights SaaS models enhanced by AI functionality for different types of business including manufacturing, wholesaling and service providers.

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Date: April 20 - 22, 2021


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