Maple Green Digital Technologies Ltd, is a Canadian IT Solutions company providing Cloud Enabled Solutions. It has successfully developed & deployed Real Time Airport Direct Tax Collection Systems, Retail, Restaurant, Grocery, Delivery Suites & Telecom solutions globally with its partners. MapleGreen & its associates have more than 25 years entrepreneurial experience in Fintech, Telecom & ICT with 50 plus employees globally. Airport Direct Tax Levy System: Airports will be able to collect taxes in real time and put that funding toward improvements, infrastructure & Airlines can improve passenger experience by connecting all services together. Retail/Grocery/Restaurant/Delivery Suites: Platform in a Single Solution Suite to address multiple Segments with analytics & greatly reducing CAPEX requirements. Telecom Software Solutions designed for Service Providers & institutions small to large, delivering innovative & profitable products efficiently. Our products have been deployed & piloted in several countries and have been proved to save several millions of government & enterprises’ monies.

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Date: April 20 - 22, 2021


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