NURO is an award-winning start-up out of the Waterloo Region specializing in Neurotechnology. In December 2020, NURO released the first three editions of NUOS, a multimodal neurological platform composed of custom hardware, software, algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. With NUOS, highly incapacitated individuals in various states of akinetic mutism from Stroke, Trauma or Neurodegeneration can now communicate by Brain, instantly and without any surgery. NUOS is Health Canada cleared, US IRB cleared for Research on Human Subjects and US FDA cleared under Expanded Access as the only non-invasive treatment and communication technology of its kind. NURO is currently seeking investors for its on-going Series A as well as new clinical partners and patients in Canada and beyond. More information can be found here: and via NURO's website at:

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Date: April 20 - 22, 2021


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