The "root problem" of all hiring efficiencies today is that companies use inaccurate data to make critical filtration and hiring decisions. What is the data source? The self-proclaimed resume which is embellished, inaccurate or false more than 60% of the time. Workwolf has developed technology where resume credentials can be validated in real-time. The network maintains source verified data record integrity and shifts control of credential deployment from 3rd parties to data owner, improving hiring efficiency. Every user has access to a FREE psychometric career assessment which accurately predicts performance outcome in over 60 career types and 400 different jobs. We are extremely excited about our AlphaBoard that is currently under development which will be the first market-place to match candidates to corporate cultures and environments based on personality types and character traits that align with top performers of employers on the network.

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Date: April 20 - 22, 2021


65 in total