xSensa Labs is a Toronto based startup company with the mission to open new paths towards optimized human performance and consciousnesses and revolutionize the prevention and treatment of mood and cognitive disorders. On the cutting edge of neuroscience and brain sensing technology, xSensa taps into the brain’s capability to self-regulate and strengthen its wiring, using real-time brain monitoring (EEG) and methods of self-directed neuromodulation. xSensa utilizes proprietary algorithms that target systems of the brain that are responsible for higher cognitive capabilities such as attention, focus and executive function as well as mood and emotional regulation. Because of its high specificity, xSensa’s approach induces rapid gains in performance and sense of well-being without side-effects associated with many pharmacological and invasive methods. xSensa's products are well positioned to address some of the most wide-spread mental wellness issues and empower large numbers of people in Canada and globally.

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Date: April 20 - 22, 2021


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