Endpoint application and process behaviour analytics

CYDEF's patent-pending technology monitors endpoint devices (MAC and MS) for anomalous behaviours.

Our solution does not focus on tactics, techniques or behaviours of criminals but concentrates on baselining 'NORMAL' application and process behaviours. That means, by default, any activity that was never seen before is investigated and classified as good or bad. This extremely efficient monitoring model results in significantly reduced overhead costs. The result is the ability to rapidly detect malware attacks, phishing emails or policy violations quickly.

Customers include Law Enforcement, School Boards, Legal firms, supply chains, logistics companies, automotive and mining companies. Latest detection example: we recently intercepted Razy Trojan on a customer device installed an Autodesk software version with the malware bundled in.

  • Founded: 2017
  • Staff: 11-50
  • Annual revenues: $100,000 ~ $999,999
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Date: May 17 - 21, 2021

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Mauricio Ospina
Area Director
USA: Information and Communications Technology and Automotive


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