CSTS Health Care is a biotechnology company creating a future where cancer is not a terminal disease. We are dedicated to improving cancer patient survival and quality of life. We believe in a future where every cancer patient has access to personalized, precision combination therapies with more effective and less toxic drugs.

CSTS is commercializing over 20 years of research spanning multiple branches of science. Our augmented intelligence platform, Aiomic, automatically interprets multiomic information to design treatment options personalized to genomic and diagnostic profiles within minutes. We use Aiomic to offer clinical services to patients, clinicians. Our Cytesia drug platform allows oncologists to safely prescribe drug combinations. Cytesia uses a platelet-facilitated mechanism to transport multiple drugs simultaneously to cancer sites, improving drug effectiveness while reducing systemic toxicities.

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Date: May 11 - 13, 2021

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Jill MacLean
Area Director
Africa and Israel


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