NeoVentures is the global leader in the development of aptamers for third parties for use in diagnostics or therapeutics. Aptamers are single stranded oligonucleotides that mimic antibodies in their ability to bind to target molecules. We have developed several aptamer based innovations, including;

  • FRELEX identification of aptamers for free small molecules (<1,000 da)
  • Identification of aptamers for antibodies (mimicking recombinant proteins)
  • Hybrid gold nanoparticle technology for aptamer based lateral flow and ELISA applications
  • Proprietary chemistries for maximizing aptamer concentration on surfaces
  • Aptamarker platform for the discovery of biomarkers for any disease (property of NeoNeuro, subsidiary of NeoVentures in Paris)
  • Aptamer based diagnosis of antibiotic resistance by detection of degraded beta-lactam rings

NeoVentures offers a range of potential business interactions from fee-for-service aptamer development with no-royalties on aptamers identified to equity sharing partnerships and product licensing opportunities.

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Date: May 11 - 13, 2021

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Jill MacLean
Area Director
Africa and Israel


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