Piera Systems has developed a family of Intelligent Particle Sensors (IPS), which use a breakthrough approach to detect and measure the count and size of particles in air utilizing its proprietary, mixed-signal, application-specific integrated circuit. Unlike existing low-cost sensors, IPS has superior accuracy, can detect smaller particles (PM0.1-PM10+) and count them in real-time. IPS is the industry’s first software-defined particle sensor. IPS is used in Piera Systems’ Canaree Air Quality Monitor product line, which delivers air quality monitoring-as-a-service for indoor and outdoor use. Piera Systems is seeking customers interested in air quality solutions outside and in the workplace, including factory settings, especially as the pandemic persists. Piera is also interested in meeting system integrators involved in the Property Tech space, which may act as a distributor within the region. Piera is keen to sell to a new customer; seek a representative, distributor or trade partner; and identify investment partners.

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Date: September 22 - 25, 2021

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Fawzia Sheikh
Senior International Market Consultant


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