NEWAURORA, founded in 2018, consists of five data experts and one professor. NEWARORA is an enterprise which provides high-quality technology resources on one data refinery platform, and "refining" the low-value data collected and completing data value added, creating data exchanges and selling high-value business packets produced for society and industries.

Data refinery platform integrated Canada’s open data, enterprise data, industry data and customer needs to provide business intelligence services, including data collection and pre-processing, data analysis and statistics, market data reporting, data storage.

As a business intelligence (BI) solution service provider for SMEs, we can complete historical data processing for SMEs, with data reports reflecting business situations, including problem identification reports, business trend reports and future development reports. NEWAURORA provides BI certification courses for SMEs to train their employees.

The platform mainly provides the following packaged services:

  • High-value business data package
  • Market research and analysis reports
  • Data services
  • Public service reports
  • Data models and data production lines



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Date: November 8 - 12, 2021


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