BIOSA Technologies is a Canadian company that has been in business for over three years. We are a part of the Nanoscience community in Waterloo Ontario, the Next Generation Manufacturing Association in Ontario and the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.

We create custom made bio-based polymers and engineer precise filtration devices that range from the nano to centimeter scale. Our technology expertise ranges from the creation of medical/hygienic masks, medical devices lateral flow devices, solar panels, battery technology, biopesticides, desalination filter, water/fluid filtration materials (non-woven), bioprocess for mining application.

Recent projects include water filter creation.

  • Corrosion detection and protection system for the Royal Canadian Navy
  • Anti-chemical-radiation protecting clothing for the Canadian Department of Defence
  • Bio-Pesticide solution for a large Quinoa grower in North America

BIOSA Technologies is the recent recipient of an Ontario Government award which has verified our technology as efficient and they have awarded us 1.2 Million (CAD) to create a filtration membrane production facility in Canada.

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Date: November 15 - December 3, 2021

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