Our Remote Patient Monitoring solution is walk-out-working based on 5G technology and allows FULL vital-sign monitoring without heavy or expensive equipment. Phillips lifeline only offers a fall detection device - it does not allow vital sign monitoring. Apple & Samsung watches are too complex for use by the target market - i.e. 65+ or patients who had surgery or major operations. Also, they are 2 -3 x more expensive than our solution and DO not allow full access to vital-sign data from the web or App. Also, our solution can easily connect multiple, simultaneous, medical accessories (like and ECG patch by Vital-Sign and others) and transmit data in real-time to anyone, anywhere in the world. No tethering is required as our solution includes (!!) the SIM modem (but we're looking for cellular partners to offer our product to their customers as either our brand or a white-label solution)., is ready to connect to major back-end platforms with our API's.

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Date: February 27 - March 3, 2022

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Philipp Kornitzky
Team Lead
Advanced Technologies Branch


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