Aiken Medial Supplies Inc. is a Canadian company that has been manufacturing urine collection devices for women since 1999. We sell our products through distributors to clinics, nursing homes and hospitals.

Product and Service Information

Uri-Aid is an anatomically designed plastic funnel that help women collect a urine sample without spillage and contamination onto hands and surroundings. The Uri-Aid screws onto a sterile, 90 ml urine collection container. As a unit, it becomes leak-proof and any excess can be poured out. The funnel is then removed and a lid is screwed on to the container for safe handling and transport, including pneumatic tubes. Although all women would benefit from using this device, it is ideal for helping children, the elderly, the infirm, the obese and during pregnancy.

The Uri-Aid is available in bulk and kit formats.

The Uri-Aid is manufactured in Canada from recyclable virgin polypropylene resign and is latex free.

Unique Selling Points

The Uri-Aid is effective when assisting the elderly, the infirm, children and during pregnancy. It eliminates spillage and contamination of the hands, container and surroundings. The device facilitates a clean urine sample, reducing the potential for a false positive and unnecessary antibiotic use. It saves nursing and housekeeping time as patients can provide urine sample unaided and there is less risk of spillage.


  • Looking to introduce Uri-Aid to the elderly healthcare Japanese market
  • To contact distributors that would be interested in selling and marketing the Uri-Aid to nursing homes, home healthcare etc.
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Date: February 24 - 26, 2022

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Wenbo Pan
Area Director
Japan, Korea, Australia & New Zealand


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