NuraLogix are the original creators of the world’s first contactless vital sign monitoring technology. Our app AnuraTM allows users to measure their health vitals in just 30 seconds using their mobile devices.

We are currently targeting customers in the health, wellness and insurance industries, however work with customers across many verticals.

Product and Service Information

NuraLogix’s technology uses a conventional video camera to extra facial blood flow information from the face, using a process called Transdermal Optical Imaging. This information is then processed by our DeepAffex engine, providing metrics such as heart rate, blood pressure, stress, and more.

Unique Selling Points

NuraLogix’s product is superior to others on the market today. It produces medical grade results based on extensive global peer reviews and clinical collaborations and has 11 registered U.S patents. None of our competitors are backed by this level of research and scientific endorsement. We are proud of our advantage of the comprehensiveness of the health vital signs that we can measure through our technology.

We also currently support English, French, Spanish and Japanese for our key product, Anura, and have the flexibility to provide other language supports.


  • NuraLogix is looking to expand our brand awareness and generate B2B leads.
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Date: February 24 - 26, 2022

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