BVCI is a Canadian company incorporated pursuant to the laws of Ontario. The company was established in Jan 2018, we are an innovator in the field of DLT and blockchain, focusing on the research, development, and application of blockchain technology. The company fosters an alternative payment ecosystem that puts consumers, suppliers, and merchants together to facilitate real-time presentment, payment, clearing, and settlement. BVCI offers an ecosystem of a blockchain distributed ledger called BVC-Chain, a mobile app wallet called Bvc pay app, and a stablecoin called CADT that provides a medium of exchange and storage of value.


As a new digital payment method, BVCI is committed to promoting this service to every Canadian, not only institutions and merchants, but every consumer. The company is looking forward to linking with more different industries in order to promote this new payment method.

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


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