Dataraction's integrated community platform makes project-based learning, mentorship, and networking easy for educators, students, and recruiters. We are currently servicing programs and student/alumni communities at seven top universities in Canada plus Tsinghua U (#1 in China), Columbia U, and Harvard U.

Our founders have been working with education institutions and technology providers for more than ten years. And here’s our observation: While technology has advanced and evolved at a rapid rate, educational providers have lagged in their ability to use that technology to their advantage. That’s why we founded DotsLive. We want to help career centres and programs to utilize technologies better with our integrated community platform, so they can help more talents to be connected with the growing demand in the job market much more effectively.


We want to be the go-to platform and recruitment solutions provider for tech companies that are looking to build their campus recruitment strategy and pipeline.

We also hope to meet delegations that can help us to connect with post-secondary education institutions and/or NPOs in their region that need tools to build a more effective campus recruitment solution to improve their talent gap issue in the job market.

Last but not least, we would love to meet investors who are interested in B2B SaaS startups in the recruitment and education space.

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


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