Enersion is a clean energy company with an innovative cooling and Tri-Generation technologies. We are an entrepreneurial, fast paced and collaborative team looking to change the way energy is being produced in our homes and buildings. Enersion was born out of a strong motivation experienced by a group of scientists and engineers to put an end to the conventional thermodynamic design still used in air conditioners, chillers and refrigerators. This conventional design consumes significant amounts of electricity and pollutes the environment at the same time. The effect of this current cooling technology can not only be felt by our big electricity bills, but also by the increase in the mean temperature of the earth, better known as ‘global warming’.

Backed by strong theoretical knowledge and research in the field of adsorption, we were able to develop an alternative cooling technology that uses heat instead of electricity to power the cooling and at the same time uses water as a refrigerant. This technology will enable utilization of wasted energy like waste heat from industrial settings, solar heat and heat from cogeneration units to provide cooling which is otherwise expensive.


Enersion is very interested in exhibiting their clean energy technology to interested investors, clients and partners.

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


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