A videogame live streaming platform that connects streamers to their fans through interactive 3D experiences in VR and on the web.

Mtion are creating a platform that connects videogame live streamers to their fans through shared 3D experiences. Our streamer application is like a spatial version of OBS with superpowers, providing streamers with their own virtual production stage to stream from and for their fans to interact with.

Founder: Jeremy Hartmann (PhD, previously at Microsoft and Adobe)

Advisors: Remy Siu (Game Developer / Designer / Artist / Composer), Daniel Vogel (Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo)


Our objectives are to build relationships with strategic partners, investors, and influencers that are aligned with our mission in bringing 3D virtual experiences to the live streaming sector.

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


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