Northern World Entertainment Software Inc. (NWES) is a company based in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded in 2012 focusing its resources towards the development of socially useful interactive content, website, mobile applications, and video games with an underlying educational focus. We aspire to deliver positive content to underserved audiences worldwide. Our current projects include Coloriffic – a game for autistic youth and 'Bubbles' an arcade puzzler in production, Beyond Badr is a transmedia IP consisting of graphic comics, animated, NFT, and next-generation video game iterations in development. NWES has partnered with several technology service providers to develop a wide range of ‘white box’ solutions for various client specific requests across multiple industries to create a wide array of digital product solutions. ‘Just Good Games!’


NWES is currently looking to connect with distribution, service providers, potential development partners or affiliates in animation, application development, and video game development. We are seeking to explore global talent and development communities with specialized VR and game related production solutions which are operating with blockchain integration. Developing our own line of NFT related collectables based on our current in production intellectual properties we looking to connect with creative organizations that can also provide next generation digital technology solutions. In addition to connecting and learning from industry leaders, professionals, and attending keynote speaker events, we are currently open to network.

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


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