One37 delivers the building blocks of Web3 providing the highest level of security and privacy for businesses and consumers. With explicit consent, consumers seamlessly exchange reusable trusted data with businesses such as Travel, Financial Services, Telco, etc.

The focus of One37 is on building the Web3 Enablement Platform for Enterprises. We provide ready-to-deploy solutions, including One37 Business Connector, designed to work with our decentralized digital wallet; a mobile application that allows the storage and sharing of verifiable credentials, such as digital identity, and medical and financial records. Enhanced Authenticator, our leading solution, allows businesses to move away from complicated and still vulnerable 2FA. Additionally, we offer business packs for healthcare, retail, travel, telecommunications, and financial services to reduce fraud and automate business processes.


The team is looking forward to meeting the tech community including founders, investors, decision-makers, and government officials and engaging in great communications around the latest tech trends, and helping advance the discussion around the future of Web3 & Digital Identity.

We also hope to forge new partnerships and relationships with the industry stakeholders and lay the foundations of mutually beneficial relationships for all parties.

Event details

Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


148 in total