Partho Technologies Inc. e-SaaS offerings including portals, mobile applications which fully digitize and automate permitting, licensing and inspections for government departments. Our core focus is on regulating construction, fire and enforcement services at all levels of government and for the construction industry. Our inspection apps have been utilized for building, roads and bridges, waterworks pipes, food and restaurant and vehicle inspections, as well as urban forestry, education department and police. They seamlessly integrate with legacy system of records. Our solutions are intuitive with built-in AI. We build our current offerings on the domain expertise gained by creating digital solutions for two decades in the public sector domain across all levels of governments in North America and the Caribbean. Our solutions bring government services to the public and businesses much faster in self intuitive forms resulting in huge saving in time to serve, very high client satisfaction and are perfect tools for red tape cutting. Our solutions are also a perfect fit for the North American construction sector and also find effective use in other sectors where manual inspections are the norm.


  • Partner with representatives of potential software companies (legacy system of record) which can integrate with our solutions.
  • Meet with potential buyers from the public sector and constructions sector tech companies.
  • Meet with cutting edge SaaS companies that can be complementary to our company.



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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


148 in total