Reindeere is a company focused on improving the experience and efficiency of labour. Especially regarding the labour shortage and the much more rampant worker retention problem in the food service industry. The growing demand for food and the decline of qualified workers is becoming more prevalent and beginning to affect customer experience. Our solution is an on-premise service that leans on mobile robotics and an interactive mobile application to deliver food orders anywhere on the property – including within the restaurant, food hall, or directly to patios and curbside. This service provides property owners and restaurants a cost-saving and labour diversification opportunity to ensure better customer reach and a unique dining experience. The service also offers clients a guilt-free opportunity to maintain an optimally sized human workforce while dynamically scaling the robotic workforce to demand.


Our objective is to identify and connect with investors, suppliers, competitors, regulatory bodies, and potential partners with investments or interests in the transportation/logistics service industry, especially those in tune with robotics applications. Developing relationships with these stakeholders will give us the current view of the market, and in so doing, inform us on:

  1. the interest of our service,
  2. possible partnerships, as well as
  3. a mentorship opportunity.

In addition, we would like to connect with prospects, specifically those in the commercial real estate and food service industries, to evaluate their interest in our service and begin conversations towards piloting with them.

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Date: June 20 - 23, 2022


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