Solana Networks is a Canadian technology vendor of network discovery and traffic visibility solutions for IP networks. Two key product lines are:

  • SmartHawk which provides real-time, highly accurate and scalable network topology discovery solution for monitoring and cyber situational awareness capabilities. The product is built on Route Analytics technology. More detail can be found at URL:
  • TrafficWiz which is a Machine Learning based Traffic Analytics solution that detects application types of encrypted traffic. The solution relies on temporal and spatial traffic characteristics. TrafficWiz classifier provides complete solution with labeling, modeling and classification of traffic without inspecting payload data. More detail can be found at URL: TrafficWiz classifier provides visibility into encrypted traffic and complements DPI solutions for cyber security and law enforcement.


Primary objective is to meet other companies in B2B meetings to promote Solana products. In particular we would like to explore market opportunities for AI/ML based encrypted traffic analytics solution (TrafficWiz). Since, TrafficWiz is a middleware, B2B meetings are of higher interest. Solana is also open to consult and learn various export opportunities.

Event details

Date: June 20 - 23, 2022

Event contact

Lisa Qi
Senior International Market Consultant


148 in total