MixAnox provides innovative solutions for the treatment of wastewater, waste sludge (biosolids) and their safe recovery into the circular economy; develops contemporary customized process tools for improving both performance and energy efficiency, striving towards Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions at wastewater treatment plants.

Engineering services includes:

  • conceptual and detail process design for biological wastewater treatment systems including process control logic and automation; P&ID, control narratives, Standard operating procedures, emergency action plan protocols;
  • process modelling and dynamic kinetic modelling with BioWin (also knowledge in GPS-X, Simba#water)
  • development of commercial and full-scale pilot demonstration systems

Design-build mixing and mass transfer technology (PIJAMA®) is complimentary for the following prospective full-scale demonstration projects:

  1. Leading-edge anoxic wastewater treatment processes requiring delicate process controls: dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity. Example processes: Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (ANAMMOX), Partial Nitrification, Nitratation, Deammonification, Single reactor High activity Ammonia Removal Over Nitrite (SHARON), Completely Autotrophic Nitrogen-removal Over Nitrite (CANON).
  2. Anoxic MBBR (Moving Bed Bio reactor) energy efficient reactor mixing without premature wear and tear of plastic media (with life-time warranty)
  3. Aerobic sludge (biosolids) digestion and sanitation using intermittent ozone dose as an process performance enhancer also destruction of man-made compounds: EDC’s and PAH’s; making use of the final product as fertilizer aid (Ref:
  4. High purity oxygen and ozone use to enhance biological oxidation performance: Industrial wastewater treatment for injecting atmospheric air and high pure oxygen and/or ozone when required.
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